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Croatia – 06.08.09

I love Croatia, it's a savage looking country, especially from the sky, it's all mountains and islands. Flew into Dubrovnik, got lost and left up a dark hill by an angry croat taxi man, finally got to the 'hotel' which was just a locked door, had to go online and ring some mobile, go back, and be let in by some italian girl who just gave us the keys and left again, ate loads of mussels, survived an unbearable 8 hour bus journey, got to Airbound (!!!) where four days disappeared and the majority of my friends made absolute shows of themselves, met an australian who didn't sleep or leave the festival ground for the entire 3 days, fell over a lot, swam in the sea, was better 'prepared' for the bus back to Dubrovnik, got stuck in the mountains in Bosnia in a blizzard type thing with huge hail stones almost breaking windows, walked up loads of stupid steps in 40 degrees heat, met 'Tonka,' another overly trusting hotelier who left us the keys and said to 'just leave the money on the table,' got stranded in a restaurant in a huge thunder and lightening storm and black out, went to Buza Bar, and flew home! xx

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